Enabling Collective Intelligence through Smart Collaborations


June 15-16, 2023

Hotel SO (Sofitel) Bangkok

Advancing responsible capitalism and green initiatives through effective collaborations.

Last date for applications – 31st May!!

About Us

Lead the Transformation

Welcome to the ESG World Summit and GRIT awards 2023

We are a purpose-driven global event that is committed to widening and deepening sustainability impacts across the world. Our event brings together individuals and companies from around the globe to discuss well-researched ESG and sustainability topics through roundtables, fireside chats, and panel discussions. We believe in sharing sustainable stories and recognizing outstanding companies who are making strides towards creating a more sustainable world.

This year, the theme of the ESG World Summit and GRIT awards is Enabling Collective Intelligence through Smart Collaborations. We believe that by working together, we can achieve more than we ever could alone. Through smart collaborations, we can tap into collective intelligence to solve complex sustainability challenges and create a more sustainable future for all.

At the heart of the ESG World Summit and GRIT awards is a commitment to advancing responsible capitalism and green initiatives. We firmly believe that it is not enough to simply talk about sustainability – we must also take concrete steps to make it a reality. Our awards are organized with the aim of promoting sustainable practices and recognizing the companies that are at the forefront of these efforts.

We are proud to create an equitable, impartial, and competitive global forum for ESG performance and strategic resilience amongst peers. We believe that everyone deserves a voice and a chance to be heard, which is why we bring together companies and individuals from around the world to foster a sense of community and encourage collaboration towards shared goals.

Perhaps most importantly, the ESG World Summit and GRIT awards offer unique opportunities for organizations to constantly improve and progress towards a sustainable future. Through learning from others, sharing experiences, and celebrating achievements, companies are able to identify new ways to promote sustainability and create positive change. We believe that this creates a ripple effect that leads to a more sustainable future for all.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our purpose-driven event. We hope that you will join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable world for future generations through smart collaborations and collective intelligence.



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Why Join ESG World Summit?

Time to act is now

A purpose driven global event widening and deepening sustainability impacts

Gain Insights

Hear from thought leaders and experts around the world on well curated topics around sustainability /ESG.

Gain Visibility

By participating and winning in the GRIT Awards companies gain visibility and trust of their stakeholders.

Pitch and Meet Investors

Present your pitch to the investor community and set one on one meetings with them.

New Trends

By attending you will gain insights on the latest ESG trends and upcoming changes.


A great chance to meet up and network with like minded professionals and founders. Enjoy the Thai vibrant culture in the vibrant city of Bangkok.


Our Summit has attendees from all over the world involved in different areas of sustainability providing collaborative opportunities.

Get Evaluated

We provide a 360 degrees report on your organization's sustainability performance with recommendations would enhance success.

Get Recognition

Your organisation gains recognition which can help attracting new customers, investors, and talent, and enhance the brand.


Rethink and redesign your current business model to become even more sustainable and scalable. Plant a tree and plant a hope for future.

Get Recognition

GRIT Awards- 2023

The GRIT Award was launched in 2022 and has quickly become a prestigious event.

The award assessment is designed and approved by the Governing Council Members, ensuring that the evaluation process is thorough and unbiased. The event draws delegates from around the world, highlighting the global interest in sustainability and responsible capitalism.


The evaluation process is rigorous, with three rounds of assessment spread over three months. This ensures that only the most deserving companies are recognized for their outstanding efforts in making the world a more sustainable place.

G- Sustainable Growth
R- Resilience
I-Intention & Innovation

Promo offers and Discounts

For group discounts and other promo offers please contact us : esg@corpstage.com

Registration Fees

GRIT Awards Evaluations: Applicants will receive the link for the Corpstage's ESG / SDG/ Change-maker assessment after registration and payment.   

Attendees:  For group bookings please contact us directly. 

ESG GRIT Main Awards Evaluation & Face to Face Attendance

USD 700
  • Recommendations and Report
  • Workshops & Roundtables
  • Networking Lunch & Award Dinner
  • Plant a Tree in your name
  • ESG Evaluation/ SDG Impact Assessment
  • Get Featured in an Online Magazine
  • Digital Awards and Certificates
  • 1 Year of GSLC Membership for Winners

Face to Face Delegates (Attendees)

USD 400
  • Networking Lunch & Dinner
  • Workshops and Roundtables
  • Connect and Network
  • Plant a tree in your name
  • 1-1 Meetings
  • Field Trip
  • 15% Discounts on GSLC Annual Membership

ESG GRIT Main Awards Evaluation & Virtual Attendance

USD 450
  • Recommendations and Report
  • Workshops & Roundtables
  • Plant a Tree in your name
  • ESG Evaluation/ SDG Impact Assessment
  • Get Featured in an Online Magazine
  • Digital Awards and Certificates
  • 1 Year of GSLC Membership for Winners

Attendees- Online

USD 100
  • Key notes
  • Masterclass
  • Roundtables
  • Plant a tree in your name
  • Livestreaming of Award Ceremony
  • Online Networking
  • 5% Discounts on GSLC Annual Membership

Venue 2023

Explore, Enjoy, Learn &Connect

The ESG World Summit and GRIT Awards is a premier event that offers a unique opportunity to explore, enjoy, learn, and connect with industry leaders and experts from around the world. Attendees can participate in informative panel discussions, roundtable meetings, and networking sessions to build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals, including company executives, investors, and experts.

The event creates an excellent platform for companies to collaborate with each other, discuss their challenges and opportunities, and share ideas to achieve common sustainability goals. The focus is on advancing responsible capitalism and green initiatives.

Attendees can learn about the latest sustainability trends and practices from expert speakers and gain insights into ESG best practices. The event's exciting and engaging social events, such as award ceremonies and networking sessions, provide a fun way to unwind while still making meaningful connections with industry leaders and experts.

Reserve your stay

We have negotiated with Hotel SO Bangkok for a discounted rate for our guests. You may use the following link for making your bookings. 

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Main Award Categories

Click on the award category to see the evaluation criteria

Special Awards

Click on the cards below to learn more about each category of awards.

Sustainability Champions- 40 Under 40

We will publish the list of 40 under 40 champions on our website and social media handles. You will have an opportunity to get featured in our online magazine at a nominal fee. 

Get access to our Global Sustainability Leadership Council Membership Worth USD 3000 and enjoy the benefits. 

Avail discounts on registration fees for attending the summit in person.

Avail reduced fees for getting evaluated for our GRIT Awards and recognition.

Who should Apply ?

Head of Sustainability Consultants & Lawyers

Tech Enablers & Impact Investors

Districts/ Suburbs Smart cities

Municipalities / Local Councils

Social enterprises Foundations

NGOs Schools and Universities

Large Corporates Listed/Unlisted

Private Public/ Sector Undertakings

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Speakers & Jury

Meet our thought leaders who are experts with in-depth knowledge and passion for SDGs and ESG. 

Dr. Paul Tasner

Co-founder and CEO of PulpWorks , USA

Irena Zubcevic

Chief of Intergovernmental Policy and Review Branch

Joseph MacDonald

Founder and CEO of Urban A&O, USA

Helle Bank Jorgensen

Founder and CEO of Comeptent Boards, Canada

Sam Crispin

Head of Sustainability and ESG at Savills APAC

Ram Vaidyanathan

Head Environmental Sustainability, Godrej Group , India

Marija Pujo Tadic

Climate Leader and Ambassador of EU Climate Pact, Europe

William Wyn Ellis, PhD

Executive Director of the Sustainable Rice Platform, Asia

Dr. Thirach Rungruangkanokkul

Executive Director, AFMA ASIA

Zia Zaman

General Manager, Corporate Business Development, Microsoft, Asia

Mr. Prabodha Acharya

Group Chief Sustainability Officer, JSW, India

Kunal Shah

Chief Growth Officer & Managing Director , Anaergia, Singapore

Luca Bernardinetti

Chairman and Managing Partner of Mahanakorn Partners Group

Mr. Zul Elfian Umar

Mayor of Solok City, Indonesia

Dessy Aliandrina

Educator | System Designer | Social Entrepreneur, Indonesia

Andrea Bonime-Blanc

CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, New York, USA

Esther An

Chief Sustainability Officer, CDL, Singapore

Karishma Ahmed

Chief Communications Architect, Balipara Foundation, India

Sasja Beslik

Chief Investment Strategy Officer (CISO) NextGen ESG Japan & SDG Impact Japan

Geert-Jan 'GJ' Van Der Zanden

Senior advisor Sustainability & Transformational Leadership, Sasin School of Management

Almas Johari

Founder Green Lakes, India

Jayaprakash (JP) Mallikarjuna

Head of ESG and Data Solutions, India

Greg Blackwood

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Citi, Singapore

Jo Anne Schwendinger

CEO of Clear Strategy Co

Dr. Katia Chaban

CEO of Rethinkit Strategies Inc., NY, USA

Prof. Roy Ling

CEO & Founder of FollowTrade

Henry Wang

International Adviser & Director, Author & Speaker


 Agenda includes fireside chats, panels and roundtable discussions on topics such as ESG Implementation, Collaborations, Hydrogen Energy, Green Washing and more. 

15th June


16th June


Day 1

9.00 AM- 9.30 AM
Registration for Entry to a Collaborative Atmosphere

Organiser’s Welcome Note

9.30 AM- 10.30 AM
Keynote Speech

Opening Address : Establishing common focus and collective actions 

Keynote Speech: Taking stock of Sustainable Goals and climate action initiatives 

10.30 AM- 11.15 AM
Session 1- Partnerships and Collaborations

Establishing partnerships for innovation and achieving climate action goals-  Green Projects and Infrastructure- Driving the development of new technologies and solutions that promote a renewable energy, and sustainable infrastructure.

11.15 AM-11.45 AM
Networking Tea Break
11.45 AM - 12.30 PM
Session 2- Innovations and Circular Transitions

Part 1: Leading Innovations for Sustainability - Fireside Chat

Part 2: Addressing climate risk and resilience through ESG practices- Contributing  to the circular transition and to a low-carbon climate-resilient economy while enhancing long-term sustainability and financial performance.

12.30 PM- 12.45 PM
Keynote by the Lunch Sponsor



12.45 PM- 14.00 PM
Lunch Break- Making Effective Connections
14.00 PM - 14.45 PM
Session 3 - Up Skilling, Climate Education and Talent Wars

Part 1: Up-skilling for Green Jobs and Winning the Climate Talent Wars- As the demand for sustainable products and services grows, so does the need for skilled professionals with expertise in renewable energy, sustainability, and climate resilience is growing. How to address challenges of talent wars and how to close the skill gaps.

14.45 PM - 15.30 PM
Session 4- Carbon Credits and Nature Based Solutions

The future of the carbon credit markets- Innovations in carbon credit methodologies and how to measure and report biodiversity impacts. This session will discuss challenges in carbon credits and measurement of bio diversity impacts. 

15.30 PM - 16.00 PM
Networking Tea Break
16.00 PM - 16.30 PM
Session 5- Transformation Journey of Corporates - How far have we come?

Part 1: Corporate Sustainability- Adopting an Integrative and Collective Approach- How Corporates are tackling sustainability and carbon risks? How to price carbon and report? How to decarbonise and tackle waste challenges? 


18.30 PM - 22.00 PM
Dinner and Awards

Presentations and Speeches

Day 2

10.00 AM -10.15 AM
Keynote Speeches

Pathways to Key Drivers of Reducing Climate Change

10:15 AM -11.00 AM
Session 6- Solutions for Climate Change

Discussion on top solutions for tacking climate change and achieving decarbonisation - EV, Climate tech. How to decarbonise tech companies?

11.00 AM - 11.30 AM

Networking Break
11.30 AM -12.15 PM
Session 7

Pathways for mobilising climate finance, framework for investing in green finance- Leveraging public and private finance to support climate mitigation and adaptation initiatives

12.15 PM - 13.30 PM
Networking Lunch
14.00 PM - 19.30 PM
Tours/ Workshops/ Investor Meetings

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